Lets get ready for the ArenA!
How to submit your score

Be among the first CrossFIt Athletes ever to be part of the ArenA Throwdown 2019 Finals!
Let’s make this happen…!

Follow the steps below to get started.

1. Login to your athlete profile on WODcast.

You have received an email from hello@wodcast.com with all the details how to prepare for the workouts, how submit your scores and invite your coach.

Do not hesitate! You have a whole weekend to earn your spot!

Login to Wodcast

2. Select the affiliate/gym that will be approving your scores.

After you successfully login the first time, please choose the affiliate/gym of your coach that will be approving your score submissions. If you are not associated with an affiliate/gym, please choose “Independent” and ArenA Throwdown 2019 Qualifier Team will help approve your score.

Can’t find your affiliate/gym in the list? 
You can invite your affiliate/gym by going to the form below. Once submitted your affiliate/gym will be notified that they have been requested to be an approver for your scores. The affiliate/gym approver account once approved by the staff will be issued a login to be able to login to the WODcast system and approve scores for their gym. This can sometimes take up to 24 hours before approved, however, once it is approved you will see the gym name in the list of selectable affiliate/gyms
Use your log in to Invite your Affiliate and Coach

3. The results will be announced per the following schedule.

The athletes who quality for the Finals will be released on May 20th.

Final participant quota per division will be determined based on effective number of registered participants in the qualifiers and live events. A total of 650 finalists will be announced after the online qualifiers.

You must have your score submitted and approved by your affiliate/gym coach before the deadline date.

5. Submit scores on your Athlete profile.

Submitting your scores for approval.
After you have completed your workout and have recorded your score, log in to your athlete profile on WODcast. Then enter in your score into the form field next to the workout you have just completed. Please copy and paste the link from YouTube or Vimeo into the form field. Then click submit and await score approval from your affiliate/gym.

How to get your score approved and ranked on the leaderboard.
If scores are not submitted and verified by the deadline, they will not be valid and you will not be ranked. Once your score is submitted into WODcast, it must be approved by a coach from your affiliate/gym to show up on the leaderboard. We encourage you to notify your affiliate/gym to validate your score after you submit.


Best of luck to everyone!

ArenA Throwdown 2019