In the interest of your safety and the well-being of our judges, crew and spectators we decided to move the Arena Throwdown Finals to 2021.

Under our terms and conditions your Qualifier ticket remains valid for both 2020 and 2021. Athlete registrations are not refundable, as clearly stated in our terms and conditions that every registrant has accepted in full.

One-time refund

Still we can imagine you may need a refund immediately. So we offer you an one-time refund including Eventbrite’s fee if possible! We will refund Qualifier tickets until July 1st. After that date we will reserve your payment for future events and our new plans! 

If you opt for a full refund please make sure you do the following: please fill out our COVID-19 Refund request form:

However if you stick with us, in time, we will deliver an event like no other!

We invest in great experiences!

Rather than waiting for further clarity from the government on lock-down changes and social distancing guidelines, we opt to invest our time, energy and resources in a completely new initiative in 2020.

If you thought the launch of the Arena Throwdown in the Johan Cruyff ArenA  Amsterdam was astonishing. And staging the second event at Rotterdam Ahoy came as a surprise. Wait until we announce our new initiative! It will be awesome and benefit your fitness as well. Sounds interesting?

Why a refund?

We rather take a financial hit than selling you short, as we already have spent a considerable portion of our budget on marketing and promotion.

Purpose over profit has been our guiding principal in taking this decision for the good and well-being of you as a CrossFit athletes and the Sport of Fitness as a whole. So please stick with us!

Note: Over the last view weeks we have been trying to get in contact with Eventbrite to make arrangements for a full refund including Eventbrite fees. Unfortunately they haven’t been able to get back to us to test and validate the refund procedure. It must be a enormous task for them to handle all questions and procedures concerning the rescheduling of thousants of events worldwide. As you fill out their form correctly you will receive a receipt confimation but no email or any other response. We hope you understand the current situation due to the global health crisis and we must stress that Arena Events can not be held liable for non payment of EventBrite fees. Again we do our utmost untill July 1st 2020 to get this arranged as well.

EventBrite notification: Any submissions through the EventBrite Refund form are reviewed and submitted within 8 weeks by our trust & safety team.